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Is a design studio from Amsterdam specialised in GIF communications.

With over 10 yrs of working with GIF in all kinds of digital channels, preceded by many more in Art, Design, Art direction & Interactive media, we have a lot of experience to share.
From Social to Art GIFs or Out-of-home advertising, we’re mastering the short stylish loop and it’s strategic application.

We can help map out multi-channel communication strategies with animation & interaction at the core. Or simply create mesmerising fashionable GIFs in various forms and styles. From the ground up or in collaboration with other visual artists. We can even create something even more beautiful from already existing material.


Being of the first wave of professional GIF artists, now having run many different type of GIF campaigns and with over 2.5 Billion views on our GIPHY artist channel (only) - we can safely say that we have a lot of insights on what clicks with audiences. 

We've also experienced first-hand what GIPHY - the biggest GIF search engine that serves GIFs to most big social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktok, Slack (and more) - can do for different kinds of messages and branding.


And we know what gets and holds attention on any social. Or has impact on any digital screen. A mesmerising GIF works every time.

We can start with an integrated communication strategy.

Or pick up on yours and make campaign concepts. 

Or Art direct & design content.


Or we can simply make show-stopping animations. From the ground up. Or in collaboration with other photographers or illustrators. Or start with existing content. We get inspired at any level.

And we know how to get the most out of your assets. For example repurposing content for sophisticated GIF stickers that your audience can engage with. And how to activate these. Or extend your assets for more purchase moments to get even more ROI.


GIF : Spark AR

Fashionable content is what makes our heart beats faster.
As it does for our students at Fashion & Branding at AMFI. 

With the students we analyse & apply Fashion brand’s design & communication strategies & we teach all about GIFs. And as 'Fashion is always first' - those learnings can be applied to many other categories as well.

And there is still so much more that can be done. New possibilities keep on opening op for short form animations, like AR, and of course now NFTs which we LOVE!

You can ask us anything - we especially love Art & Fashion NFTs & are available for NFT Lectures and workshops to help you understand what it is & why you want to engage with this 

Each new project inspires us to create more impactful concepts. So we are looking forward to working with you,

with love,




Kanaalstraat 149A
1054 XD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 26 56 2003



Agent UNIT C.M.A.


Artist page at GIPHY



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